10 Reasons You Wouldn’t Invest in Solar and Storage

Dr Andrew Monk, Chairman at Enervest Pty Ltd will join us at The National Sustainability in Business Conference in Brisbane starting tomorrow to discuss 10 Reasons You Wouldn’t Invest in Solar and Storage’.

Solar has now become an “economically rational” decision for businesses including for purpose organisations.  It is no longer a matter of whether to or not, but how to best design and install. The problem is with this drive there are many misaligned and maldesigned systems that are being put in place.

Dr Andrew Monk

This presentation outlines 10 of the most common mistakes businesses make in this sector, with simple ways to ensure what is a major investment to the balance sheet of the company, including potential enhancement of its triple bottom line from day one (including financially), and is done right for the short, medium and longer term.

With such flux in this sector, including with the revolution rumbling along in the storage/batter sector, it is critical that not only the facts are ascertained by the business decision makers, but that the unique circumstances of each and every site, in each state, with its own unique needs, is integrated into the overall systems design where solar is being inserted to complement the business’s energy needs and mix.

For more information on the 2017 National Sustainability in Business Conference please visit the conference website.


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