A case study analysis of MCU Sustainable Banking – unique, innovative, competitive, “green” and successfull

The aim of this paper is to present a case study analysis of MCU Sustainable Banking Limited and contribute to the discussion on the importance and effects of various external environmental, social and governance factors on the success of investment institutions.  MCU is an innovative and leading, sustainable, financial institution that exemplifies the phrase “thinking globally, acting locally”.  MCU’s success supports the literature which suggests that corporate social responsibility (CSR) and being “green” are now mainstream and key ingredients in the complex combination of factors that contribute to the economic success and overall sustainability of financial institutions.

Dr Gayle Mayes, Sustainability Research Centre will present the study at the “Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Transformation” Conference, 15th & 16th September
Radisson Resort, Gold Coast, Australia. Visit the conference website here.

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