Australia’s first modern large electric car consortium

Five local companies have joined forces to build prototypes of Australia’s first modern large electric car. Supported by the Australian Government, the consortium hopes to produce a family car which could revolutionise the Australian car industry.

Announcing more than $3.5 million in funding from the Green Car Innovation Fund for the consortium’s project worth nearly $26 million, Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said the concept for the car was based on the Holden Commodore. “The government understands that Australia’s future relies on our ability to green our industries. This includes manufacturing environmentally friendly vehicles,” Senator Carr said. “This Melbourne-based consortium, EV Engineering, is determined to change the motoring horizon by expanding the range of green vehicle choices available to Australian families.”

The consortium comprises automotive components suppliers Air International, Bosch, Continental and Futuris, and electric vehicle infrastructure and services provider Better Place (Australia). “The automotive industry has a great future in Australia. There are some excellent projects being funded under the Green Car Innovation Fund, including more efficient and hybrid engines, lighter components and high-tech battery technology. “I am confident these innovative projects will revolutionise the Australian automotive industry and show what can be achieved through investment in research and development.”

The Green Car Innovation Fund closed to new applications last month so that remaining funds could be redirected into the rebuilding of roads, bridges, rail lines and public facilities in Australia’s flood-ravaged communities. The Prime Minister and Senator Carr have guaranteed that all other parts of the New Car Plan for a Greener Future will be retained and all contractual commitments and grant offers made by the government through the fund, including for this project, will be honoured.

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