Webinar Solar: Building the business case for on-site solar generation

A live WEBINAR on Building the business case for on-site solar generation with Jane Bond from SunPower Corporation was held on Thursday 15 May 2014. This webinar was about: core methodologies for building the business case for on-site solar energy investment insights for implementing solar solutions to existing buildings factors to consider (or avoid) as you move through a solar discovery journey case studies and outside the box solutions that will add value to your business The session take outs were: Building a business case for on-site solar energy investments Ways you can optimise your solar investment Understanding the available …

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Independent Distributed Energy and Transport Systems

Electric Vehicles provide clean and efficient transport systems – bus, car, bike, ferry EV also can be used as mobile energy storage/backup energy storage – EV can be charged during day from solar to provide additional backup energy for peak day/night if required with smart systems ensuring energy left for travel the next day and top up power from off peak electricity. Integrated with solar they can provide zero emissions transport – plug in charging stations can be located almost anywhere with stations having their own battery storage to fast charge vehicles for increased range. Stations can be located at …

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Ikea Targets Energy and Resource Independence by 2020

Source: Environmental Leader, Oct 23 2012 Ikea today announced a plan to become energy and resource independent by 2020, which includes constructing $2.4 billion of wind and solar projects. The retailer’s new sustainability strategy, dubbed People … continue reading on: Environmental Leader

Sustainability Business to hold 2013 event in conjunction with the Australian Making Cities Liveable Conference

The ‘Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Transformation’ Conference in 2013 will be held in Melbourne,  in Conjunction with the Australian Making Cities Liveable Conference. Our event will bring together ‘green economy’ leaders and sustainabilty practitioners from Australia and New Zealand along with the opportunity to network with others who are building profitable and sustainable business models, services and products. The conference will update delegates on a range of effective sustainable business practises including energy saving and carbon pricing. We will examine Governments’ sustainability plans  while finding business opportunities and trends in the sector. The Conference will include presentations on: Green …

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The Business of Sustainability – The Conference 2012

The Association for Business Sustainability conference ‘Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Transformation” will be held on the 21st and 22nd May 2012 at the Radisson Resort, Gold Coast. The conference will include case studies, keynote presentations, concurrent sessions and workshops.   You will Learn about governments’ sustainability plans and the relevant grants available, and find business opportunities and trends in the sector. Topics include; • Sustainable Natural Resource/Water Management • Sustainable and Renewable Energy • Sustainable Waste Management • Sustainable Cities and Building Design • Sustainable Food Production/Security • Sustainable Investment and Finance • Sustainable Leadership – Government and Business • …

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New Solar Customers Left Empty Handed in NSW

People wanting to install solar panels on their roof in NSW will have no incentive to do so as a result of the planned changes by the State Government to its Solar Bonus Scheme. The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is also concerned about the cut to the feed-in tariff of existing solar customers, which will add another two years to the payback time for their solar systems. Damien Moyse, the ATA’s energy projects and policy manager, said there was currently no replacement to the feed-in tariff scheme for new customers – despite the fact that NSW once had a viable …

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