Sustainability now simply part of doing business

The term ‘greenwashing’ might be officially outdated. In 2016, the number of companies making unmerited PR splashes over sustainability is far outweighed by those who are taking significant strides forward and not talking about it. When faced with the science of climate change and transparency into corporate accountability in 2016, sustainability is simply part of doing business. Yet many leading companies still shy away from fully embracing their sustainability stories. Excellent, groundbreaking work is happening across the private sector with no-one around to hear. To re-philosophize the old saying … if a tree grows in a deforestation zone, and no …

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Association 5 year commitment to Developing Northern Australia Conference

The Association in business has made an initial commitment to host the Developing Northern Australia Conference for the next five years.

Our members believe that developing the Northern Regions will be one of the most significant undertakings in Australia since Federation.

Following the outstanding success of this year’s event in Townsville, which will see 6o presentations added to the podcast resource, planning has commenced on the destination and venue in 2016…

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The University of Wollongong to host PD course for Murray-Darling Basin based technicians

Sustainable Buildings Research Centre at the University of Wollongong will host a professional development course entitled Energy Efficiency Enhancement through Retrofitting of Commercial Buildings for technicians based within the Murray-Darling Basin area (Toowoomba and West) 26-27 March 2015. The course will provide companies and individuals with knowledge and capabilities to enhance energy efficiency of commercial buildings through retrofits, and the measure and evaluation of actual energy performance in commercial buildings. Who Should Attend: Building Services Engineers, Architects and Building Designers, Building Commissioning Professionals, Engineers and Environmental Specialists, Facilities Managers, Sustainability Managers, Building Owners, Asset and Portfolio Managers, Local Government Environment Managers, Asset …

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Three new wind farms to deliver 200 MW clean energy through reverse auction

Three new wind farms will be built in Victoria and South Australia as a result of the ACT Government’s first wind energy reverse auction. Australian Capital Territory Minister for the Environment Simon Corbell said the reverse auction has resulted in a $50 million direct investment into the local economy and broader economic benefits in excess of $240 million. The three winning projects were: The Ararat Wind Farm, an 80.5 megawatt (MW) wind farm developed by RES Australia west of Ballarat, Victoria The Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm, a 19.4 MW wind farm developed by Canberra company Windlab Limited west of Bendigo, …

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Renewable biofuel production avoids competition with food resources

The efficient production of both biofuel and animal feed from one crop is now possible, and can be done on a farm without the need for off-site processes. The research, published in the open access journal Biotechnology for Biofuels, demonstrates the practical potential of an alternative to fossil fuels that does not compete with food resources. ‘First-generation’ biofuels include ethanol produced from food sources such as corn and sugarcane. While recognized as a renewable energy source with potential to improve fuel security, their production has caused controversy over competing land-use for food and increased grain prices. The fermentation of non-food …

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“Using less, paying more” – Making the case for long term investment in water efficiency

Major capital investment in seawater desalination and recycled water in response to the Millennium drought (which ravaged parks, sporting ovals and gardens) caused a steep increase in water prices just when water efficiency efforts really stepped up. With the drought now broken in eastern Australia, and water consumption at low levels, customers are now “using less but paying more” as utilities strive to recover large capital costs.  This makes continuing water efficiency efforts problematic.  However, this paper articulates why this is just a short-term problem and that a long-term strategy for maintaining investment in water efficiency is important to create …

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Implementing the Illawarra Regional Food Strategy – the Kiama way

The current food system faces many challenges of equity, sustainability, waste avoidance, human health, and animal welfare.  We must address these challenges in order to secure a resilient food future.  Local Government has a role to play in enabling access to adequate and nutritious food through; our built and natural environment, planning, governance, service delivery, and policies. The Illawarra Councils recognise the important role of food in our lives, and its impact on our communities.  Our region joins a growing movement focussed on rebuilding a relationship with good food, which is ethically produced, with minimal ecological impact.  The development of …

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Association’s Australian Regional Development Conference Initiative

The inaugural conference was an unqualified success that saw over 50 presenters take the stage in Albury NSW. The conference has it’s own blog to enable delegates to continue the discussions on-line and will soon publish both peer and non-peer-reviewed papers along with the program podcasts. Visit the ARDC blog here: The Awards dinner had over 200 attendees. The conference will return to Albury in 2015, call for papers will open soon.

Mayor of Albury City welcomes delegates to the Australian Regional Development Conference

It’s a great pleasure to welcome you to Albury for the Australian Regional Development Conference. As one of Australia’s leading regional cities, we welcome this discussion and debate to Albury. AlburyCity is a very proud supporter of this event. The challenges facing regional areas cross borders and territories. But the proper planning, discussion and debate of new ideas they are challenges that can be overcome. The Australian Regional Development Conference will focus on issues surrounding economy, planning, environment and community development. The aim of the conference is to advance economic and social outcomes for regional Australia. The conference provides the …

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