Consumers have good green intentions, but few are dedicated to fulfilling these intentions.

Eighty-two percent of consumers have good green intentions, but only 16% are dedicated to fulfilling these intentions, according to an Ogilvy  study. This puts 66% in what is called the “Middle Green,” a group that  is neither active environment crusaders nor anti-greens. These are the  massive middle, the everyday mainstream consumers.  The big question is, “Why don’t mainstream consumers turn their green intentions into green actions and what can be done about it?”

This is what Ogilvy & Mather tried to find out. “If we are to motivate a mass green movement, perhaps those of  us most committed to the green movement need to stop trying to get the  masses to see things our way and instead get better at seeing things their way.” … more

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  1. People will not willingly switch to green if it is too cost prohibitive and as long as creature comforts seem to be abundant. A few days ago a manager said to me “$14 is not that much for breakfast” when was were discussing food and restaurant choices; therefore, people are used to pretty cushy conditions, even in time of austerity. Furthermore, people are very charity and “sustainability” cynical, as so many of these words are con games.

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