Exploding the Carbon Myths; The Carbon Response

The Carbon Response step by step guide to saving up to 70% of your energy use. How to significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and increase your business profits at the same time?

“Smart executives now recognize that companies can profit by providing solutions to problems like climate change”. Jeffery Immelt, CEO, General Electric.

Beware of the carbon tax, apparently it could send businesses broke. Media is warning that electricity prices are going to spiral upwards with a carbon tax, like Chicken Little, it is just a fable that the sky is going to fall in when a carbon tax is introduced. They argue that the Australian economy will go backwards, GDP will take a big hit.

This alarmist myth is based on misinformation. It is based on the fundamental assumption that the energy use of business and the economy is fixed, that current levels of energy use represent an efficient allocation of energy and that business will have to take the electricity price rise from the carbon tax straight on their bottom line. These assumptions seem especially true in the export industries. However, as will be explained in the presentation, these industries have some of the greatest opportunities to contribute towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increase their profit even with the imposition of a carbon tax.

Dispelling the myth that being green costs, and reducing business greenhouse gas emission will hit the bottom line is the biggest of all the carbon myths. What is the assumption that underpins this myth? It is that Australian businesses and the Australian economy energy use levels at the moment represent an energy efficient allocation of energy and that all profitable investments in energy efficiency that can be made have been made.

Carbon Response provides a 5 step process which can reduce business energy use by upto 70%.

Mr Francis Barram, Managing Director, Carbon Response will speak at the “Taking Care of Business: Sustainable TransformationConference  on the 15th & 16th of September 2011 at the Radisson Resort, Gold Coast, Australia

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