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The Association for Sustainability in Business provides a forum for business, large and small, to integrate the elements of sustainability (economic, social, and environmental) into their organisations. It is possible to protect the environment and reduce operating costs by reducing consumption of natural resources.  One of our key goals is to assist organisations participate in environmentally friendly business practise,  network with like minded business’s and develop new business within the sector. 

“Corporate sustainability encompasses strategies and practices that aim to meet the needs of stakeholders today while seeking to protect, support and enhance the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future. Business and industry has a crucial role to play in helping Australia to become more sustainable and competitive. As a result, many Australian organisations and industries are responding by reducing their environmental impacts and risks through improved environmental management practices and efficient use of natural resources.”    The Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

This progressive Association will offer members practical solutions and strategies that will assist the development of sustainable practises. We can provide a peer to peer network for the exchange of information and the development of member businesses.

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