Jewels in the Dustbin

As we confront the challenges of peak-oil and climate change there is significant emphasis on improving the performance of buildings, which is important. Architect John Cameron believes that good buildings are important, but they are no more than jewels in the dustbin if their urban context is not consistent with sustainability objectives. Urban design issues and the re-imagining of the public realm are vital prerequisites to a sustainable built environment.

New urban extension and inner urban renewal can, and in some cases do address important sustainability and resilience questions. What about the rest? What about the post-war suburban aspirational belt that surrounds our major cities, or indeed whole towns and cities such as Canberra where a car-based, even car-dependant life style is central to the urban design?

John Cameron will present some possible suburban transformation ideas to contribute to the sustainability toolkit for adaptive re-use of car-dependant neighbourhoods whilst at the same time enhancing visual amenity, increasing carbon sequestration, improving water efficiency and potentially addressing food security.

Mr John Cameron, John Cameron Architects Pty Ltd, Qld

The Conference “Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Transformation”  2012 Radisson Resort, Gold Coast, Australia

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