The Association for Sustainability in Business - our ambition is to develop a vision of designing and planning Urban, Regional and Remote Australia while being aware of one planet living, one world resources and ongoing community and business sustainability.

Through on-going discussion and knowledge sharing we hope to contribute to a vision of how cities and communities operate when considering issues such as environment, governance, health, liveabilty, design, resource and food security. We will also examine the role business can play in the "People, Planet, Profit" paradigm.

We promote continuing professional development through conferences and seminars, the publication of Proceedings and Journals, and the ongoing development of an on-line podcast resource.  The Associaton is also active on all social media platforms.

Membership of The Association does not attract fees or charges and presently consists of the following communities;

  • Liveable Cities - Built Environment - Healthy Cities
  • Waste Management - Recycling
  • Natural Resources - Renewable Energy
  • Population Growth - Food Production
  • Regional Development


What We Can Do For You

Member Discounts

Members receive discounted conference rates to Making Cities Liveable, Disaster and Emergency Management, Regional Development, Urban Design and Sustainable Transformation Conferences.



The Association for Sustainability in Business Inc. e-news is sent out regularly with updates concerning the community services sector and items of interest to community work practitioners.


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