10 leading sustainability innovations

innovative sustainable productsA study released profiles 100 leading sustainability innovations. We showcase the top 10, featuring carbon-neutral plastic, e-waste recycling kiosks and an ethical smartphone.

Innovations from Newlight Technologies, PowWow Energy, Retroficiency, BioTrans and Fairphone all make the top 10 list of sustainability innovations.

AirCarbon by American company Newlight is a carbon-neutral plastic material made from methane and other greenhouse gases captured from the air. Used in the furniture and packaging industry, AirCarbon plastic matches oil-based plastic in price and performance.

Also on the top 10 list are intelligent window glass by View which automatically regulates the temperature and light in the room resulting in high energy-savings.View dynamic glass is designed for commercial buildings to eliminate the need for blinds or shades.

EcoATM by Outerwall is a network of automated recycling kiosks for tech products. Through simple steps, customers can recycle old phones, tablets and other electronics and receive cash back. Outerwall sells on the devices to a network of buyers.

By collecting data from assembled smart meters, PowWow Energy detects water leaks from irrigation systems used in agriculture. When leaks appear, the system sends SMS alerts to the farmer.

The solution prevents unnecessary loss of resources and reduces repair costs.

Software fighting energy losses in buildings by Retroficiency. This solution uses data sets to suggest energy-saving measures for homes and buildings. The software combines energy analytics and building modeling, with data from existing energy audits to quickly deliver ideas and suggestion for energy saving projects. To view more click here.

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