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Books of Conference Proceedings

The Association publishes both peer and non peer reviewed papers in books of proceedings from the following annual conferences;

  • Liveable Cities Conference
  • Australian Regional Development Conference
  • Developing Northern Australia Conference
  • Australian Safe Cities Conference
  • International Urban Design Conference

Blog, Forums and Social Media Platforms

Contributions of relevenat material are encouraged for the Blog.  All published articles are promoted heavily to members and subscribers/followers on other social media and email list platforms.  The distubtion list is now in excess of 53,000 people.

Webinar Recordings

The Association does organise webinars consisting of the powerpoint and presenters audio. These are available to members of the Association.

Journal of the Association

The Journal will be launched in late 2016.

One important mechanism for us to realise our mission is through the promotion of research and industry discussion. Thus, the Journal will be an opportunity to publish research and articles on ways public and private sector management practices can advance issues of interest to our members and subscriber communities.

The Journal will consist of peer-reviewed papers and industry commentary.

This approach to will encorporate the three pillars of environment, social and economic sustainability. The Journal will also cover the broader set of interconnected issues such as commmunity resillience, personal responsibility, sustainable design, healthy cities, regional australia, population, natural resource and food supply.

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