Our membership is drawn from a wide discipline of sustainability managers, planning and design professionals, infrastructure, natural resources, transport, mining, government, academics, environmental management, town planning, chemistry, engineering, developers, owners and operators of private and public infrastructure of a built and natural form.

Why join?

  • We provide a peer-to-peer network for the exchange of information
  • We share inspiration from thought leaders
  • We keep Australian businesses current and provide a network to share information
  • Our focus is Australian wide, cities, rural, remote and international
  • Our professional development helps you keep up to date with legislation, policy, and business trends across the sector
  • Information exchange, your meetings and courses can be promoted through our network
  • Connect via our Social Media platforms to our extensive on-line community.
  • We provide members with access to relevent information and the opportunty to share information about products, ideas, research or services with others.

Membership benefits

  • Members receive discounted rates for most hosted and affilated conferences and events
  • Membership certificate valid for the calendar year
  • Opportunities to promote their business, research, services or products, to other members

Join the Association

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Our Communities

A sustainable business, involves long-term, strategic planning that aligns business growth with environmental and social sustainability. Our communities represent members from Liveable Cities, Built Environment, Natural Resources, Waste Management, and Renewable Energy.

  • Liveable Cities                
  • Waste Management
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Built Environment
  • Natural Resources
  • Developing Regional Australia
  • Disaster Management

Membership Development Program

We currently developing our membership program to include:

  • Different types of Membership                
  • Sustainability Postnominals

The different categories of membership we are developing would cover a range of industry experience and professional development achievements such as Associate, Fellow, Affiliate and Student members.

Post nominals for sustainability practitioners is also under consideration as a way to support best practice and recognition in sustainability.

Organisation Member

Organisation Membership is available


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