The Association has been a strong supporter of some well established National and International Conferences for the past 6 years.  These events embrace the principals of Sustainability in Business and have become our corporate partners.

National Sustainability in Business Conference | 8 - 9 March 2018
Hotel Grand Chancellor – Brisbane

The 2018 National Sustainability in Business Conference will be held on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 March 2018 at Hotel Grand Chancellor, Brisbane.  The 2nd annual conference will explore sustainability best practice within organisations, creating resilience in business and ways to implement change.  The sustainability topics that will be embraced by our speakers will include integration, politics, technology, automation, future of renewables, procurement, food security, sustainable construction and waste as a resource. The  conference speakers and partners will provide insight into how  they are interweaving sustainability practices within their organisations, navigating change and the differences they are making within national and  multinational companies and small business.

This conference will provide a platform for business leaders, sustainability innovators, researchers and those working toward progressing sustainability practice within their organisation. The inaugural Business Leaders Breakfast has been added to our 2018 program to provide additional networking opportunities among forward thinking professionals.  We look forward to you joining us at the National Sustainability in Business Conference.

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Partner Events

Developing Northern Australia Conference | 18-19 June 2018

The Developing Northern Australia Conference will be held at Alice Springs Convention Centre.  This annual Conference is now in its 4th year and continues to be a meeting place for those individuals, companies and government entities that are vested in progressing Northern Australia.

The Conference provides a platform for networking and connecting with like-minded contributors to share the opportunities, challenges and outcomes for growing Northern Australia.  Be part of this conversation on the importance of a connected North and ways to move forward in telecommunications, energy, liveability, population and engaging investment and  attracting business.

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Liveable Cities Conference | 16-17 July 2018

Now in its 11th year, this Conference will continue to explore the liveability of our metropolitan and regional urban centres, with an emphasis on who is leading the renewal, the importance of collaboration and co-design and what aspects are important to implement strategies that result in sustainable economic, social and environmental successes. The discussion at the 2018 Conference will focus on sustainable transport solutions, greening and redesign of cities, renewing regional areas, integrating community decisions, government policy, health and wellbeing and strategies for environment implementation.

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Safe Cities Conference | 18 July 2018

This one day Conference will discuss crime prevention, public area safety, person oriented city design and reveal the latest research, new initiatives and long term strategies on how to keep our cities safe.

Be part of the discussion along with others working in community development and safety professionals, architects, town planners, place makers and planning professionals, safety and security industry professionals, academics & researchers, private sector security professionals, councils, law enforcement.

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Australian Regional Development Conference | 17-18 September 2018

This annual conference will provide a platform to network and be part of the conversation on the learnings, solutions and challenges that regional and rural towns experience. 

The Conference theme is Uncovering Regional Possibilities with the aim to encourage out of the box thinking and to learn from passionate advocates about the great things that are being done to develop sustainable communities.

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International Urban Design Conference | 12-13 November 2018

The 11th International Urban Design Conference will be held at SMC Sydney from 12-13 November, 2018. 

Be inspired by innovations and projects that are transforming cities. This Conference is an opportunity for design professionals to exchange ideas and experiences, to be creative and visionary and to contribute to redesigning our urban futures.

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Supporters of the Association and our Affiliated Events