7th Making Cities Liveable Conference 2014

Healthy – Sustainable – Resilient – Cities

The 7th Making Cities Liveable Conference will examine the challenges, opportunities, trends and issues currently facing sector professionals. Delegates and presenters will examine how to plan for Healthy Cities, Sustainable Cities and Resilient Cities.

Join us at Mantra on Salt Beach, Kingscliff on the NSW and QLD border on the 10th – 11th July 2014.  Pre-conference workshops and study tours will held on Wednesday the 9th July.

The conference will be a platform for government, academic  and private sector practitioners.  It will consider the “liveability” of our cities and towns in the future and the changes required to public policy to build the communities of tomorrow.

Presentations will facilitate discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing Australia.  How will these suggested outcomes affect the way we live and work?

In 2013 the Sustainable Transformation Conference joined the Making Cities Liveable Conference. This year we are delighted to continue this era of collaboration, information sharing and professional networking, with National, State and Regional delegates.

The conference program will include an extensive range of topics with Keynotes, Concurrent Sessions, Case Studies, Workshops and Posters.

Topics will include:

  • Planning liveable cities and vibrant communities
  • Managing population growth and an ageing population
  • Transport and logistics: public transport – road systems – cycling – walking
  • Resilient cities: future proofing our cities
  • Legislation and policies: what changes can we expect
  • Health promoting cities: ageing – children – safety – mental health
  • Sustainable cities: economic growth – policy to program
  • Impact of new technology: how will it continue to drive change
  • Regional and rural towns: the interconnectivity between city and the bush
  • Future of work: dispersing jobs and the urban impacts
  • Food security – recycling – waste management
  • Managing natural resources  and renewable energy
  • Climate change: responses and outcomes

To find out more about the 7th Making Cities Liveable Conference  please visit the conference website


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