The Conscious Business – How to Achieve Purpose with Profit

The National Sustainability in Business Conference will be held in Brisbane this week from the 23-24 March 2017.

Mr Alistair Coulstock, Director at Coulstock and Associates joins us this week at the conference to discuss The Conscious Business – How to Achieve Purpose with Profit’.

Alistair Coulstock

Strong collaborative teams with a clear vision are necessary to set key strategies to design and implement successful environments, products and solutions. To move towards a collective consciousness, where the humans’ spirit thrives, the knowledge of that which ignites the passion of each person must be found. What is it that drives their desire to learn and overcome challenges? Transparency in the mutual relationship between organisation and employee is required to ensure the correct approach is taken and the best is gained from people. To create successful places, we need to understand what people want and need from their environment.  To gain the most in business we rely on our number one asset, our staff. Indeed, without positive people it is likely we would not have a business.  Therefore, an inclusive focus on people is at the heart of the solution to a better world.

Many organisations around the world are moving towards a purpose-driven and sustainable model.  Our built environment affects how we feel, and how we connect, both with the environment and to our communities.  Shaping our built environment has ramifications that last for generations.  It is imperative that we design our environment and our businesses so that we create places where community can come together and people can focus on purpose.  The importance of these seemingly separate aspects, are unpacked in the book ‘The Conscious business, How to achieve profit with purpose’.

This presentation highlights the parameters that make a purpose driven and sustainable organisation. It highlights emerging tools that can assist in the measurement and understanding of how our businesses are impacting the world. This talk presents a strong case for all businesses to assist in correcting our two greatest issues in the western world; a separation from nature and separation from community.

For more information on the 2017 National Sustainability in Business Conference please visit the conference website.


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