10 Tips on Water Conservation

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Ever looked at a running tap and considered how much water an average household uses every day? Would it surprise you to find out that according to coolaustralia.org, one person in Australia alone, can use as much as 340,000 litres a year! That’s over 930 litres per person per day. When you consider that an above ground pool 4.5 x 4.5 metres and 1.2 metres deep holds 16,000 litres of water, one person’s average water use per year is equilevant to over 21 swimming pools.

Water conservation and home sustainability is a vital practice that every Australian should take part of. The aim is to become a country with a more sustainable future, and for that to occur, we all need to do our part.

None of us really know when our rivers are at risk of running dry, or our lakes disappearing in a drought. With the recent bush fire disaster, it is more imperative than ever to become water conscious and start living a more sustainable life.

So what can you do to help? Here’s 10 ways you can help.

10 Tips Towards Better Water Sustainability

Check your showers, toilets and sinks for leaks
Take shorter showers or run small baths for the kids
Install water saving shower heads
Check your water meter outside when everything is turned off – great way to find if you have a plumbing problem
Turn taps off while shaving or brushing your teeth
Hand wash your dishes more often as dishwasher cycles waste water
Consider planting drought-resistant trees in your garden if you live in a drought prone area
Wash your car with a bucket rather than running the hose
Install a rainwater tank
Install a septic toilet or go one step further with a waterless toilet


Sustainability Matters Magazine – Bridge Hub

An interesting article, published in the Sustainability Matters magazine, talks about Bridge Hub and its quest to solve Australia’s water problems through the launch of their 2020 Water Challenge. The way it works, is that anyone participating has an opportunity to bring a water problem to their attention and submitting it for consideration to be solved. What a great way to bring a community together and work on sustainability.

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The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy also deserves a shout out. We should all model our values on this incredible organisation. One of their projects includes providing food and water sustainability to the Murray-Darling Basin, which is helping save certain wildlife in danger of extinction. Wildlife such as the Southern Bell Frog; which is one of Australia’s largest frog species. Bird species like the Australasian Bittern and Australian Painted Snipe are also thriving from their conservation work.

Southern Bell Frog

Photo credit: Museums Victoria Collections

Bridge Hub and The Nature Conservancy aren’t alone in the sustainability journey towards a more sustainable future in Australia. There are several organisations succeeding. Take a look at the Australian Water Association; Australia’s largest water network who promote sustainable water management by using three core principals. Recognition, information and networking.

Anything is possible if we put our mind to it and embrace nature’s gifts.


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