Adaptive Sustainability – Business Management in an Age of Disruption and Transformation

There can be no doubt that organisations today operate in a dynamically changing business environment. Companies are getting disrupted at an unprecedented rate with managers and their staff struggling to keep up with new technologies, new business models, new economic and regulatory challenges, and the consequences of the hyper connected digital world. At the same time social responsibility and environmental sustainability are fast becoming a critical part of doing business.  Effective engagement using sustainable business frameworks not only enables an organisation to deliver on its social and environmental obligations, it can also maximise productivity and performance by having positive impacts on core elements of the profit making process, and building resilience for the future.

Jane Stewart

To tackle these issues many companies have implemented a range of future-oriented initiatives.  To handle the changing business environment, business leaders are implementing continuous improvement programs to upgrade organisational processes and change management programs to meaningfully engage staff in new activity. To handle the increasingly demanding expectations of stakeholders, and the organisational risk associated with non-compliance, business leaders are also putting in place a range of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development programs.

These different approaches have helped some businesses address a multiplicity of challenges, and change the way they do business.  But with the rate of change likely to increase and the elements of change likely to become more unpredictable and even disruptive, the time has come to look beyond our current business practices and develop a new business management approach that takes a broader view of organisations, the context in which they operate, the stakeholders with whom they engage and the societal value they create.  The ultimate goal is to foster ongoing prosperity for an organisation, its staff, its community and the natural environment.

Adaptive Sustainability is a new and innovative approach to business management that aims to encourage new mindsets that can adapt to change, and develop new skillsets that can address today’s complex challenges.  Adaptive Sustainability is based on an innovative learning and action framework that addresses practical governance and operational issues, and combines these with principles of systems thinking to create an innovative approach to responsive and responsible business management.

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