Exploring the Role of Business through Vision 2050

The Vision 2050study lays out a pathway leading to a global population of some 9 billion people living well, within the resource limits of the planet by 2050. The report ( 2.6 MB) was released at the 2010 World CEO Forum in New Delhi, India.

Twenty-nine companies, led by Alcoa, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Storebrand and Syngenta, have come together to rethink the roles that business must play over the next few decades to enable society to move toward being sustainable. This endeavor has resulted in a call to action that aims to encourage companies to reinvent themselves, their products and services to get where they and society want to be.

Participating companies contributed through workshops, virtual working groups and feedback throughout the project. Vision 2050 also runs a Regional Engagement Program to ensure the project is informed and validated by the major regions of the world.

Why Vision 2050 ?

Vision 2050 addressed thought-provoking questions like:

  • What would a vision of a sustainable future look like?
  • What are the pathways and solutions for achieving sustainability?
  • What does this say for the changes needed?
  • What are the risks to achieving this “sustainable” future?
  • What are the dilemmas we must address to move forward?
  • What are the robust actions, policies and investments needed to move rapidly onto a sustainable pathway?
  • …and what is the role of business ?

Source WBCSC

You will find more information on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development website

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