Reasons Why You Should Get Sustainable Gym Equipment

The following article was kindly written and contributed by Sally Norton.

One of the biggest issues of today is making sure that our lovely planet remains a safe environment for all living beings. People are looking for all kinds of ways to become environment-friendly, reduce their carbon footprint, and start using sustainable sources of energy. With that in mind, it is time to see how to make one of the best and healthiest activities we all can do more environmental-friendly – a workout! Eco-friendly gyms are becoming more and more popular, so let me talk you through all the reasons why you should get sustainable gym equipment!

Sustainable gym equipment – why is it so good?

With all the benefits of renewable energy, people can drastically improve their lives. When it comes to working out, multiple surveys show that more than 60% of people prefer sustainable gym equipment over the regular one. It is a great way to motivate people by showing them your goal is to become eco-friendly, and that they have a saying in that as well.

So, what makes sustainable gym equipment so good? Some of the reasons are:

  • it turns human energy into electric energy (it may sound like The Matrix, but it’s not!)
  • it helps to reduce electric energy costs
  • works as a great motivational tool
  • it pushes people to be eco-friendly in other parts of their lives as well
  • having sustainable gym equipment is an excellent advertisement for your gym

Utilizing human energyReasons Why You Should Get Sustainable Gym Equipment

A workout is an effective way to lose body fat and weight. Furthermore, it helps you stay healthy, active and energized. However, there is so much more human energy can do. Gym sustainable equipment has micro-inverters that function on the same principle as wind turbines or solar panels. They can harness more than 70% of human energy and turn it into utility-grade electricity.

Reducing electricity costs

Imagine having just a couple of people working out for an hour or two, producing electricity. If you have a large gym with many members, the numbers will only go up. Sustainable gym equipment will help you offset power consumption and consequently reduce your bills. 

Everything it takes is a little motivation

People need motivation in their lives. It helps us throughout the day and keeps us more productive. A large number of people, myself included, need the motivation to work out. Sometimes it is tough just getting out of the bed. Even though kettlebells can be your best ally, not everyone will pick them up easily and start working out right away.

Well, sustainable gym equipment may just be the motivation people need to finally start going to the gym. It is important to note that there are more ways to make your gym eco-friendly, and I will return to that a bit later. Nevertheless, having a healthy environment is an excellent motivator for almost everyone.

Advertise your gym in the right way

Sustainable gym equipment will help you advertise your gym and get more members. It is as simple as that. I talked above about the power of motivation, and if people understand the quality of your gym, it won’t take them long to sign up and start giving their contribution while working out.

It is also important to understand what other strategies you can implement to make your gym more eco-friendly!

How to make your gym eco-friendly

Now that you understand what are the reasons why you should get sustainable gym equipment, let’s see how to make the first step and start improving your workout space.

Contact sustainable gym equipment companies

Every good plan needs a partner. With that in mind, you should reach out to any companies that create sustainable gym equipment, and try to make a deal with them. It is always better for your wallet to purchase multiple items at a discounted price than to buy one at a time at full cost.

You will probably get a lot of useful advice on how to set up and maintain the equipment as well.

Use a smart thermostat

Even though you can’t really work out with it, a smart thermostat is a great addition to your environment-friendly gym. First of all, it helps reduce energy consumption. Second, it helps you to effectively use heating energy in your gym, and regulate the temperature in the best way possible.

Remove air conditions and fans – you don’t need them!

It is best to use natural airflow by opening windows. There is really no need to use air conditioning, especially if you have a smart thermostat installed already. Nevertheless, it is important to let the fresh air inside. On cold days you can open the windows between the practice sessions, and have everything fresh and ready for the next group.

Unplug equipment when not in use

Having sustainable gym equipment is one thing, but using it properly is a horse of another colour. With that in mind, understand that one of the best practices is to unplug all equipment when not in use. It draws the electric power even when turned off, so unplug everything before you leave the gym. That does not include only work out machines that run on electricity, but also your computer and any other machines you have inside.

Other good practices for an eco-friendly gym

Next to using sustainable gym equipment and implementing these few strategies we talked about, there is so much more you can do to raise sustainability awareness in your community. You can limit paper use, install filtered water equipment, use efficient lighting and eco-friendly cleaning products, and recycle.

The possibilities are endless, all it takes is a bit of imagination and will power.

Reasons why you should get sustainable gym equipment – delivered!

I hope that these reasons why you should get sustainable gym equipment are more than enough to put you on an environmental-friendly path. Keeping our environment healthy and safe for exercising is an important task, and there is nothing that stops you from doing what you can to make it better. Stay strong, stay green, and keep practicing!

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