Innovation Comes In Many Forms

Innovation comes in many forms, all of which can give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.  It is therefore important to at least consider protecting your innovations, both to prevent others from gaining any advantage from them, but also to facilitate subsequent negotiations and licenses with third parties.

Dr Andrew Jones

Three forms of IP rights are often used to protect innovations – patents, trade marks and registered designs.  Patents protect how a product functions, whist registered designs protect its “look” and trade marks protect the brand used to sell it.  It is often important to lodge IP rights at IP Australia before you disclose them publicly.  However, before rushing to file an IP right it’s important to decide whether it is worthwhile pursuing IP protection and, if so, which one (or more) of these three IP rights do I need?

Dr Andrew Jones
Principal | Foundry Intellectual Property | AU & NZ Patent and Trade Mark Attorney


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