SMEs Cash in on 100 New Smart Cities for India

India plans to build 100 new ‘smart’ cities to support the country’s rapidly growing urban population.  When announcing its plans in 2015, the Indian government said that this type of development would be sustainable, environmentally friendly and ‘smart’.

In a country, where electricity black-outs, water rationing, and inadequate waste and sewage treatment are commonplace, together with an ever-rising population of more than 1.3 billion new supporting infrastructure and utilities are greatly needed. 

More importantly large-scale affordable housing in cities is the greatest necessity of urban India today.  Sustainable low-cost housing is also in high demand for rural / village areas.   Currently there’s a shortage of more 43 million houses for the rural sector and 17 million for urban homes. The government is allowing overseas long-term investments with sure returns in its pledge to provide houses to all by 2025.

Knowledge, skills and services Australian SMEs can provide

As India deals with these challenges and upgrades its core infrastructure over the next decade there will be major demand across all construction, design and urban planning sectors. Australia’s expert skills in building high-quality, innovative infrastructure together with delivering world-class professional services provides key opportunities for Australian businesses to export their smart, sustainable urban design solutions to India.

Looking for business opportunities in this sector?  Small Business Association of Australia will be taking a trade delegation from Brisbane, Australia to Jaipur, India this April / May.

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This article was kindly provided by the Small Business Association of Australia.

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