Association 5 year commitment to Developing Northern Australia Conference

Peter Sugg, Developing Northern Australia Conference

Peter Sugg

The Association in business has made an initial commitment to host the Developing Northern Australia Conference for the next five years.

Our members believe that developing the Northern Regions will be one of the most significant undertakings in Australia since Federation.

Following the outstanding success of this year’s event in Townsville, which will see 6o presentations added to the podcast resource, planning has commenced on the destination and venue in 2016.

We will continue to provide business, policy makers, academics and communities with a vehicle to access and share information on the journey to a successful and sustainable transition in Northern Australia.

We invite delegates, presenters and conference partners to submit articles which will be promoted and distributed via the Blog and the Association’s extensive social media platforms. You will find the guidelines for submitting content on the website.

The Book of Proceedings based on presenters who wish to have full papers published will be distributed through the National Library in Canberra and will also be available in soft copy format from the Association website.

We would like to thank our partners and sponsors with a special mention for James Cook University, Trade and Investment Queensland, City of Townsville, The CSIRO and Ergon Energy.

Prof Allan Dale, Developing Northern Australia Conference

Prof Allan Dale

The committee would like to also thank and acknowledge Allan Dale, Professor of Tropical Regional Development, for his excellent stewardship of the conference program.

Allan has a strong interest in integrated natural resource policy and management in northern Australia. He has both extensive research and policy expertise in governance systems and integrated natural resource management and is Chair of Regional Development Australia Far North Queensland and Torres Strait.




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