Sustainability Webinars – join our webinar series

The Association for Sustainability in Business provides a platform for industry and academic leaders to share sustainability knowledge, the Association is committed to supporting the sustainable business practices of their members. The Association is creating a community for industry to work together on challenging sustainability issues.

The purpose of the  Association for Sustainability in Business is to:

  • Promote continuing professional development for sustainability through conferences and seminars
  • Encourage collaboration and information sharing through industry networking events 
  • Share best practice and knowledge in sustainability

The Association for Sustainability in Business will be hosting topical Sustainability Webinars.

Sustainability Webinars

Do time or distance make it difficult for you to attend one of our events in person? You can enjoy the same high quality presentations via our live web seminars, from anywhere in Australia. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Hear and watch a seminar live on your PC, laptop or mobile device.
  • Watch live – from the comfort of your office, or elsewhere.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the latest sustainability issues and updates in your area
  • Ask our expert presenters questions and download powerpoint presentations.

“It really is a godsend to those of us working in regional areas”

3 easy steps to attending a live webinar

Step 1: Register for a seminar
on our website or from an email sent to you

Step 2: Test to see if your computer is compatible

Step 3: Attend Webinar

It’s as simple as that!

Webinars Schedule for 2014
Please visit the Association website to see the list of upcoming webinars.


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