Sustainable House Day 2018

BASSENDEAN building designer Romona Sandon will be opening up her sustainable home for the first time for Sustainable House Day on September 16.

The day is part of an Australia-wide event where about 250 houses across the country are opened to the public.

Ms Sandon’s James Street house is one of three which will be displayed on a bus tour organised by Environment House in Bayswater and guided by Alternative Technology Association WA committee member Kim Wilkinson.

The bus will leave Environment House at 9am and visit each house for 45 minutes, where the features, building materials, sustainability features and technologies will be discussed.

Coming from a sustainable architecture background, Ms Sandon built her “eco-home” in 2016.

Building designer Romona Sandon of Bassendean, in her sustainable home. Picture: David Baylis d486051

Her home features passive solar design principles including large north-facing windows and doors allowing in winter sunlight, insulated cavity bricks, cross-ventilation, solar-powered LED night lighting and low Volatile Organic Compounds paints and carpets.

She said her home also encouraged her family to transition to a low-waste way of living.

“Organic waste goes into our Bokashi bins and by reducing the purchase of single-use plastics and packaging, our landfill waste has significantly decreased,” she said.

“I also wanted to showcase that an ‘eco-home’ does not have to look a particular way or cost the earth.

“Most people that visit my home have no idea that it is a passive solar-designed home until they say how comfortable it is and ask where the heaters or airconditioners are – there are none.”

Her aim was to inspire people to live sustainably and show them how to lower energy bills and help the environment through good home design, practices and technology.

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