AWARDS Environment and Sustainability Award for Innovation

Innovation Award for Regional Environment and Sustainability

Who can apply
Representatives from all types of organisations active in regional development across Australia, including councils, shires, rural and regional organisations, NGO’s and government agencies that aim to better serve their communities.

The Award Presentation Ceremony will be at the Australian Regional Development Conference Dinner on October 15th at the Commercial Club Albury.

Important Dates
Nominations open: Thursday 29th August 2013
Nominations close: Tuesday 15th July 2014
Award Submission
Click here to submit a nomination, entries can only be accepted via the website.

 Environment and Sustainability Award for Innovation

The online entry:
• requires you to provide a brief overall description of your project
• has a 300-word limit to each criterion
• requires all selection criteria to be addressed as appropriate to the project; if a criterion is not relevant to the project state ‘not applicable’.
Note: applications and attachments will be printed in black and white only

Selection criteria

Entries for the awards should address the following selection criteria:
Innovation and/or best practice
How does your project demonstrate innovation and/or best practice in the way your organisation does business or delivers services to your community?
Process and planning
How did you determine what changes were required to improve your business practices and/or better meet your community’s needs (for example, consultation processes, needs analysis, etcetera)?Benefits
• What are the benefits of the project? Who benefits and how?
• How does your project demonstrate innovation or deliver to community in terms of economic and social outcomes?
Community needs
How are community needs met by this project

The judging process
Innovation Award category will be judged by the Advisory Committee with judging based on the submitted entry form (entrants do not present). Judging will be based on the material provided by you, within the online entry form.
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More information
If you require more information about the Awards submission process and sponsorship please contact the Secretariat.

Ph: (61 7) 5502 2068 Fax (61 7) 5527 3298
Email:[email protected]

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