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The Association for Sustainability in Business Inc. is a non government, not-for-profit organisation (IA 38885). The Association provides a forum for our member communities, to examine and discuss challenges to improving our sustainability and understanding the key factors that determine sustainable outcomes.

The Association offers members access to practical solutions and strategies that will assist the development of sustainable practice.

Membership of The Association does not attract fees or charges and presently consists of the following communities;

  •     Liveable Cities – Built Environment – Healthy Cities
  •     Waste Management – Recycling
  •     Natural Resources – Renewable Energy
  •     Population Growth – Food Production
  •     Regional Development

The Association for Sustainability in Business will be hosting the 7th Making Cities Liveable Conference on the 9th – 11th July 2014 at Kingscliff.

The Conference will examine the challenges, opportunities, trends and issues currently facing sector professionals. Delegates and presenters will examine how to plan for Healthy Cities, Sustainable Cities and Resilient Cities. The conference will be a platform for government, academic  and private sector practitioners.  It will consider the “liveability” of our cities and towns in the future and the changes required to public policy to build the communities of tomorrow.

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