Why Join? Association for Sustainability in Business

The Association for Sustainability in Business provides a platform for industry and academic leaders to share sustainability knowledge, the Association is committed to supporting the sustainable business practices of their members. The Association is creating a community for industry to work together on challenging sustainability issues.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the The Association for Sustainability in Business is to:

  • Promote continuing professional development for sustainability through conferences and seminars
  • Encourage collaboration and information sharing through industry networking events 
  • Share best practice and knowledge in sustainability

The Association for Sustainability in BusinessWhy join?

  • We provide a peer-to-peer network for the exchange of information
  • We share inspiration from thought leaders
  • We keep Australian businesses current with sustainable initiatives
  • Our focus is Australian wide, cities, rural, remote and international
  • Our professional development helps you keep up to date with legislation, policy, and industry trends
  • Information exchange, your meetings and courses can be promoted through our network
  • Connect via our Linked in site to other sustainability experts
  • We provide members with access to information and its free membership


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