A sustainable approach makes business sense

By santos | Published: March 4, 2010

An integrated sustainability framework delivers value beyond traditional economic measures.

The efficiency and effectiveness in which environmental resources are managed is the pathway to the licence to operate within communities and with government regulators.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the use of clean water, land disturbance and waste to landfill contributes to the key concept of “doing more with less” and has a positive effect on operating and regulatory costs – ultimately benefiting both the company and the environment.

Government regulators and financial stakeholders demand high standards of environmental and social performance. Strong relationships in the communities enhance corporate reputation and the licence to operate in new countries.

In keeping with community sentiment, employee motivations are often linked with environmental and ethical standards. A solid reputation in sustainability can influence the attraction and retention of skilled human capital and in return can enhance the knowledge and skills of the workforce.

Applying a sustainability framework can improve the company’s reputation, reduce business interruption, protect the licence to operate and is a pathway to future growth.

At Santos we are committed to integrating the principles of sustainability into our business and seek to play a key role in transitioning Australia to a low carbon economy.

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