CWP Renewables the latest winner of the ACT government’s wind energy auction

The Australian company CWP Renewables has become the latest winner of the ACT government’s wind energy auction, securing a 20 year contract for 100MW of capacity that will allow it to go ahead and build the biggest wind farm in NSW. CWP Renewables hopes to complete the 260MW Sapphire wind project near Glen Innes in northern NSW in 2018, and it is also looking to add a solar farm to the facility, starting with an initial 20MW. It bid a price of $89.10 per MWh for the output of its proposed wind farm. Unlike most power purchase agreements, this price …

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The WTO ruling against India’s booming solar program

On the heels of the recent global summit in Paris to tackle climate disruption, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled against an important piece of the climate solution puzzle: India’s ambitious program to create homegrown solar energy. The ruling shows that decades-old, over-reaching trade rules are out of sync with the global challenge to transition to 100 percent clean energy as extracted by a Huffington Post news report. In just five years, thanks to India’s National Solar Mission, India has gone from having virtually no solar capacity to boasting one of the world’s fastest-growing solar industries. In just the …

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Energy markets: the planet’s unlikely new ally in the emissions effort

In the aftermath of Paris climate talks, analysts lined up to point out why the celebrated agreement was simply not good enough as outlined by the Conversation. Certainly, the scale of the climate crisis requires urgent emissions reductions, which Paris did not secure at anything like the necessary scale. Questions also remain over the agreement’s legal status, how future commitments will be made, and what enforcement mechanisms (if any) will be in place. In Australia, fears that the post-Paris situation would simply return to business as usual seemed borne out by a RepuTex analysis that predicted Australia’s emissions would rise …

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Will wind energy have longevity?

Wind power is currently the cheapest source of large-scale renewable energy. It involves generating electricity from the naturally occurring power of the wind. In a TriplePundit article published yesterday; Wind Energy is Top-Dog in the EU … But Will It Last? It refers to a report by the European Wind Energy Association and discusses whether or not it will remain top of the league board. The article states, it’s a good time for wind energy, particularly in the European Union. The EU added more new wind-energy capacity than any other form of power last year, according to the EWEA report. …

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Australian Regional Development Conference

The Australian Regional Development Conference will be held in Albury NSW on the 15 – 16 October 2014. There is also the addition of 6 optional workshops being held on Friday 17th October 2014. – See more at: Over 60 speakers will discuss the broad issues of economic, planning, environment and community development in regional Australia. The aim of the conference is to advance economic and social outcomes for regional Australia. The conference provides the opportunity to discuss the challenges, opportunities and future of regional Australia. The Australian Regional Development Conference will be held in Albury NSW on the …

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States call for solar subsidy cut

Annabel Hepworth – The Australian March 07, 2011 12:00AM JULIA Gillard is under pressure from the states to roll back generous subsidies for rooftop solar schemes amid predictions that escalating costs from the federal renewable energy scheme will add as much as $90 to yearly household power bills… more “Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Transformation” Conference 15th& 16th September – Radisson Resort, Gold Coast